The main goal of Porsche Finance Group Bulgaria is to provide its customers with services that are tailored to their needs and desires and that make driving as pleasant and economically profitable as possible.

Every customer is important to us, and we strive to offer the best solution. Regardless of whether it is financing, insurance, maintenance or fleet management, with Porsche Finance Group Bulgaria you are always mobile and secure.

Porsche Finance Group Bulgaria is the collective name of our 4 companies in Bulgaria, which offer financial services in the automotive industry and which are subsidiaries of Porsche Bank Austria and therefore part of the Volkswagen concern. These are:

Porsche Leasing BG EOOD is the leading company in the group. It has been on the Bulgarian market for the longest time - since 2004. The field of activity is the provision of financial leasing service for new and used cars from the Volkswagen concern.

Porsche Insurance Broker BG EOOD was established in 2006 with insurance mediation as a subject of activity. It offers products in the field of car insurance.

Porsche Mobility BG EOOD was founded in 2014 by dividing the activity of Porsche Leasing BG EOOD due to changes in the Bulgarian legislation. So, from September 2014 Porsche Mobility offers operating leasing and other services related to car service and maintenance.

Porsche Insurance AG - branch Bulgaria is the youngest of the 4 companies, founded at the end of 2020. It is a branch of the Austrian insurer Porsche Insurance AG, specializing in car insurance services. In Bulgaria, the company offers its customers Auto Casco and Third-party Liability insurance.


Know-how based on 50 years of international experience and traditions of its parent company

Variety of products and services

Solutions according to the needs of the client

Professional and friendly service

Approval within a day

Quality and security

Maximum lease period - 7 years